With April being Sports Eye Safety month, did you know that every year there are over 25,000 people who have eye injuries that are sports related? Although, that number is quite high, the majority of these injuries are easily preventable with the use of sports goggles. Sports goggles are the best way to protect your eyes no matter what sport you are playing and no matter your age! They also can help players see more clearly, especially if they need vision correction. But just how do you pick out sports goggles or know what one is best for your sports eye safety? Follow these simple tips and not only will you have a pair of sports goggles that work perfect, but you will keep your eyes safe from injuries while you shoot some hoops, make the goal, or hit that next home run.

Consider Your Sport

Something to keep in mind, when picking out your sports goggles is what sport will you be using them for? Now, with the importance of sports eye safety, there are many different designs of sports goggles. Some are made specifically to go under helmets for sports like football, hockey, and even baseball. Some sports goggles have a fuller design and are made for sports like racquet ball, tennis, basketball, or even soccer where no helmets are used. While it may seem unlikely that you will get injured playing racquet ball or tennis, remember that the balls can be hit up to 60 mph and that can cause a substantial injury if hit in the face, especially if hit in the eye.


Lenses are the most important feature on sports goggles and you must have lenses in the goggles to fully protect your eyes (even if you do not need a prescription). You can buy sports goggles that have your prescription or you can simply have “clear” lenses that allow you to see clearly and still protect your eyes. Also, we strongly encourage polycarbonate or trivex lenses for added protection due to their shatter-resistance.

Frame Fit

To ensure that your sports goggles can perform, you must make sure that you have the proper frame fit. First, make sure the temples of the frame are not too long because that could cause discomfort and make sure they are not too short so the safety goggles do not fall off. Also, to ensure that the frames maintain their snug fit, stop by for frequent adjustments at any of our locations. Our trained staff can make sure frames are properly fitted even after your latest dodgeball tournament or rough play from your child.

Don’t keep your vision safe just during April, the Sports Eye Safety Month! Stop by our locations for our selection of sports safety goggles, including kid-sized Wiley glasses, to keep protection for your eyes all year long – no matter which season of sports! For more information on Sports Eye Safety month, sports goggles, or other vision questions contact Vision Source today and let us help you!


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