Start the New Year off right – and make it your top resolution to put your eye health first. January is National Eye Care Month, which means you should be putting your vision for the New Year first. What ways can you make sure you are taking care of your eyes? Vision Source Specialists, your eyes doctors in Rapid City, Philip, and Hot Springs have created these “must-dos” to keep your eyes healthy this year.

  • Schedule your yearly comprehensive eye exam. If you notice change in your vision, eye strain, or headaches contact your eye doctor immediately.

Yearly eye exams are vital to the health of your eyes. Comprehensive eye exams allow for eye doctors to see any changes you may need for your glasses or contact prescriptions. They also allow for eye doctors to see if you have any changes in your eyesight that may be more detrimental such as a tear or growth. Comprehensive eye exams also help doctors note of other conditions or major changes in your health such as diabetes.

  • Wear eyeglasses or contacts as recommended and prescribed by your eye doctor.

You should never wear glasses or contacts that have not been prescribed by your eye doctor. Not only, can the glasses or contacts make it harder for you to see, but it can also cause effects on your own vision or cause headaches. Wearing contacts that are not prescribed by your eye doctor can also be dangerous because not only should contacts meet your prescription needs, but they should properly fit and rest on the eye. The wrong sized contacts can cause many problems such as discomfort or even damage your pupils.

  • If you wear contacts, do not sleep in them and you should always properly disinfect them before wearing.

Sleeping in contacts is just a bad idea all around. Not only, are you not getting to properly disinfect your contacts from bacteria and other germs that may be lingering, but you are starving your eye from the oxygen it needs to be healthy. Your eyes may feel drier and in fact your cornea may even develop small microscopic tears.

  • Take breaks from looking at computer or digital screens to avoid digital eye strain.

With nearly 88% of adults using computers, digital phones, tablets and other forms of technology for at least two hours a day, it is no wonder so many suffer from digital eye strain. According to the Vision Council, “Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort felt after prolonged exposure to digital screen and is associated with the close to mid-range distance of digital screens, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, e-readers and cell phones”. By taking breaks, you can allow your eyes to rest from digital screens and avoid eye strain, dryness, discomfort, or headaches.

  • Protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays that can cause cataracts by wearing polarized sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses cut glare and can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. UV rays come from the sun but can reflect on many different things including snow or ice. Wearing polarized sunglasses will protect against these reflections and will also help you see things more clearly, especially while you are doing your daily activities such as driving.

  • Always wear protective glasses if doing activities that may harm your eyes such as shooting, carpentry, mechanics, or more.

Safety glasses are a must if you are doing activities that could potentially harm your eyes. Safety glasses or sports goggles can protect your eyes from objects that may hit your eye, potentially causing you injury or even blindness.

  • Keep your glasses cleaned and well-adjusted to ensure the prescription is meeting your vision needs.

Having trouble seeing? Why don’t you clean your glasses or get them adjusted? Clean and adjusted glasses can not only help you see things more clearly, but can help you avoid double vision, headaches, or even simple discomfort.

The New Year should be about you, so see clearly into 2016 by taking care of your eye health. Vision Source Specialists can help you take a step into the right direction and keep your vision for eye health throughout the entire year. Contact Vision Source Specialists today, your eye doctors in the Black Hills, to schedule your next exam, find your next frame, order contacts, or simply ask questions to keep your eyes healthy.


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From infants to great grandparents, the doctors and staff at Vision Source Specialists provides quality eye care that promotes a lifetime of healthy eyes through prevention by focusing on education and specialty care throughout the Black Hills. For more information on how to keep your eyes healthy contact one of our offices to schedule your appointment today with Dr. Jared Pearson, Dr. Dawn Wattenhofer at Vision Source Specialists, the premier leader in Black Hills eye care.


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