You walk out of the eye doctor’s office with a new prescription in hand, but now what? Looking around you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the different frame choices. How are you supposed to know what looks good, great, or even not so great? Picking out new frames can be an experience some love and others just want help with. There are several keys to remember when picking out your new frames and our image consultant, Kathy Sazama, helped compile some of the best tips to help you make the process of buying new glasses not only fun, but easy!

Eye Health is Number One

Before finding your new pair of glasses, be sure to have a current prescription. Purchasing glasses begins with your eye health. While glasses can very much be a stylish accessory, they also should correct vision and allow you to function throughout your daily activities.

Think of Your Needs

Another thing to keep in mind before buying new glasses is: you! Yes, you read that right. You are the person who will be wearing the glasses and you are the person who needs the functional aspect of the glasses. Are you purchasing for your professional position, for every day, or for fun? If you are wanting a “fun” pair of glasses that you are not going to wear every day then you may have more options for color or shape. If you are wanting to be professional then you may want to opt for more classic shapes or colors of frames. Being aware of your needs before you purchase new frames can make the process of finding new glasses much easier.

What’s Your Style?

Remember that style is not “one size fits all” and style is unique to each individual. Your style is a combination of personality, physical features, and needs. There are many different styles and for many you may even be a combination of styles like a “sporty-classic”. An image consultant can help you clarify your style and offer recommendations that will help you feel confident and look your very best in your new glasses.

Color Matters

According to Kathy, “color is the foundation of your image. I like to help people choose colors that harmonize with their skin tone”. Colors can add a sense of stylistic flair to your image, enhance your features, and bring out your skin, eye, or hair color. Color can help you stand out in a crowd or allow your frames to blend in without being seen.


Consider Face Shape

Face shape is very important when choosing frames. While no face shape is perfect, keeping in mind the all facial features are essential. Some facial features to remember when picking out frames include bone structure, hair line, and eye position. For example you never want to repeat a facial feature with your frames. Therefore, a round face may not be as complemented with a round frame. Frames should work to balance and proportionate to your face.


Haven’t updated your glasses in a while and feel a little lost in all the latest trends? Do not worry as there are many trends that can fit your needs or personal style. Color is everywhere now in frames and there are more options than ever to find the perfect shade of whatever color you want! In addition to color being trendy, the cat-eye shaped frames are popular again and they can enhance many different face shapes or facial features. Plastic frames have been trendy for several years now and we do not see this trend fading away anytime soon. No matter the current trend, glasses are a wonderful accessory every day.

Keeping these tips in your mind when you go shopping for your next glasses will help you not only find the best pair of frames for you and your needs, but help you feel more comfortable when finding the right pair. To assist our customers in finding the best frames, Vision Source Specialists have our skilled opticians at all of our locations. We also offer the image consulting services of Kathy Sazama, a certified image consultant. Kathy is a professional colorist and stylist, who can offer expert advice on frame color, style, and fit that is best for you. She visits with each patient to assess their needs for glasses, provides a style assessment, and observes facial structure and skin tone. Then she will help pick out frames that will not only meet your needs but showcase your personal style. For more information on having Kathy help you find your perfect frames, contact us today or contact Kathy directly at (605) 359-9491.


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