It’s the season for pumpkin picking, leaves changing colors, and for children to get excited for trick-or-treating. Halloween is just around the corner and this season we want to help you keep your children safe during this fun holiday. Follow these tips to make sure your children can properly see and others can see your child while they are out collecting candy.

Costume Safety

When picking out your child’s costume you need to care about more than just what or who they are going to be. You should also consider the fit and style of the costumes your child wants to wear. Long and flowy costumes can be hazards when children are walking, running, or trying to make it up steps to the neighbor’s house to collect their share of candy. In addition, make sure that if your child has any extra pieces to their costume, like swords or light sabers that these items are flexible and are kept to the child’s side when trick-or-treating.

Mask and Makeup Safety

Masks can be a great way to transform how your child looks easily and mess free. But be sure that the masks your children want to wear have a place for children to easily breathe. Also, make sure that your child can properly see through the “eye holes” in the mask. If a mask does not have “eye holes”, try to find a mask where your children can see and see without strain. A great rule of thumb is that the eye wholes should be slightly larger than your child’s eye so their vision is not restricted during the night or evening. If you do opt for makeup, make sure to never put makeup too close to your child’s eyes and ensure that you are using makeup that are toxin free.

Light the Way

Not only do you need to ensure that your child can see when trick-or-treating, but you need to make sure that other people can see your children. Visibility is key during this fun holiday when children are zigzagging across the road, walking down roads without sidewalks, or rushing to get the most candy. Reflective material on costumers, particularly dark colored costumes, is a way for drivers to easily spot them even in the nighttime. Also, children should use their own flash lights or glow sticks when venturing around the neighborhood and walking in areas they are not used to. Sometimes potted plants, lawn décor, and even plants can be a tripping hazard for children who are focused on getting candy and not watching where they are walking.

Following these Halloween safety tips will help keep your child safe while trick-or-treating. Make sure you increase the chances for your child to trick-or-treat safely and that you protect your child from drivers or other Halloween night hazards. For more information on visibility during Halloween, contact Vision Source Specialists today.


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