Vision Source Specialists’ doctors and staff not only strive to make our community better through eye care, but works endlessly to help those globally achieve the gift of sight. Dr. Dawn Wattenhofer will be traveling to Cabecar Indigenous Reserve in Costa Rica with her husband, two children, and group from Rimrock E. Free Church. This mission trip will take place from August 7th-16th, where a variety of services will occur including optometry clinics, dentistry clinics, veterinarian care, a soccer tournament, and children’s ministries. The area where the mission trip will occur is one of the most impoverished areas in Central America where many of the Cabecar, the indigenous native population, is known for being one of the most traditional people of Costa Rica. Only 50% of the Cabecar speak Spanish, while most can only communicate in their native tongue, families live in communal homes built from dried cane, and many have diets mostly consisting of beans, maize, and bananas.

Dr. Wattenhofer will be one of the lead doctors of the optometry clinics, where many of the Cabecar, the largest indigenous population in Costa Rica, will journey on foot for hours – possibly even days, to visit the different clinics and seek the medical attention they usually never receive. The South Dakota Lion’s Club has donated over 800 pairs of eyeglasses that will be used to match, as closely as they can, to the prescriptions needed in Costa Rica. Staff members of Vision Source Specialists have been volunteering their time to verify the glasses so they can be taken and used for the mission.

Vision Source Specialists commitment doesn’t stop there! Dr. Wilkinson, who practices at our Hot Springs location, is sending optical equipment to use on the mission trip and Kate is donating scrubs for different workers to wear while in Costa Rica. Dr. Scarborough’s brother-in-law worked with the local soccer club the “Rapids” to have soccer balls, soccer shirts, jerseys, and soccer pants donated for the different soccer camps and tournaments happening.

Helping our global community is important for Vision Source Specialists and we strive to work as a team to help our patients – no matter if they are located in the Black Hills or found in the depths of Costa Rica. For more information on Vision Source Specialists or how you can help those in our community or globally have the gift of vision contact us today. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog to highlighting all the details from Dr. Wattenhofer’s mission trip to Costa Rica.


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