Did you know that most people spend nearly 12 hours a day consuming media? This number does not just include print forms of media, but in our day-in-age it includes many forms of digital media from Facebook, to online magazines, news videos, blogs, cat memes, and more. With all of the consumption of digital media, not only are print companies being affected; but so are people’s eyes. Our very vision is being changed due to the trend in technology and the patterns that people use technology.

Our eyes were never created to stare at millions of tiny glowing lights for extended periods of time, and can cause digital eye strain to many. According to the 2016 findings from the Vision Council, “65 percent of Americans experience digital eye strain symptoms, such as dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, neck and back pain and headaches.” How can you avoid digital eye strain? Eyezen lenses.

Eyezen Lenses

Essilor is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of eyeglass lenses. The new Eyezen lens reaches the top of research and development to present lenses designed to protect your eyes in multiple ways. Eyezen are enhanced lenses that feature scratch resistant non-glare treatment. The treatment helps you see your best through glare, night time driving, overhead lighting, and help you see your best when looking at digital screens. No matter the size of the devices you use or the distances you hold your devices, these unique enhanced lenses help you see clearly and reduce digital eye strain. In addition to the amazing features, Eyezen lenses also have a special blue light filter. Why is this essential? Blue light, or high-energy visible (HEV) light, which directly comes from video screens can reach “deeper” into your eyes and cause damage to your retina.

The Blue Light Effect

What is blue light exactly? Blue light is visible light in the light spectrum. It can come from the sun and also from places such as fluorescent lights and digital screens. These lights can reach deeper into the eye, making it very intense for humans to look at. Blue light can cause damage to your eyes and is believed to increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Although, there are dangers from blue light, blue light is very helpful to humans. In moderation, it can help our body’s internal clock and alertness.

According to Eyezen, “everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. That’s why Eyezen glasses are available to everyone — whether you have a prescription or not — to help reduce eye strain, keep you going and get the most out of your screenlife.” For more information on Eyezen, contact Vision Source Specialists, your premiere provider for this lens technology in the Black Hills.


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