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Uninterested in School? Your Child’s Vision May be to Blame

Uninterested in SchoolWhen a child shows disinterest in school, it can be frustrating and worrying. A lack of school engagement results in poor academic performance and can impact how a child views learning for the rest of their life. 

Figuring out why a child is struggling in school is essential, and evaluating them for any visual deficits is a good place to start. Problems with eye misalignment, eye tracking, and visual processing can make it hard, even impossible, for a child to concentrate and learn.

At Vision Source Specialists in Rapid City, we’re eager to help your child overcome any learning difficulties caused by visual issues.

Common Symptoms of Vision Problems in Children

There are several telltale signs that a child may have trouble with their visual system,  including chronic inattention, fidgeting, and disorganization. Reading comprehension is often also impacted, and the child may lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. 

Children who find it difficult to learn to get frustrated easily and may act out in school. 

Squinting, eye rubbing, frequent headaches, rapid blinking, covering one eye in order to read, holding reading materials unusually close to the face, and feeling the need to sit at the front of the class are also signs that a child has visual problems. 

How To Help A Child With Visual Deficits

Visual deficits affect your child not only academically, but socially, too. Struggles in the classroom or the schoolyard can harm their self-esteem and make them shy away from other children. 

To ensure that your child’s vision isn’t getting in the way of their success:

  • Take your child for a functional vision exam by an eye doctor who is experienced in helping children develop their visual system. The eye doctor will assess not only your child’s eyesight, but also a variety of visual skills: eye tracking, eye teaming, peripheral vision, and more.   
  • If your child has visual problems, the eye doctor will discuss ways to strengthen your child’s visual system. Vision therapy is one tried-and-true method. 

How Vision Therapy Can Benefit Your Child

Vision therapy is a treatment that helps children with visual deficits improve their visual skills by teaching their eyes and brain to communicate more efficiently. It corrects issues like eye teaming (the ability of the eyes to work together), eye tracking, and focusing. 

This therapy combines eye exercises and activities that improve visual processing and coordination, which boosts visual function.

Vision therapy is a great treatment option for children with visual processing disorders, strabismus (crossed eyes), and amblyopia (lazy eye). Children who struggle with dizziness, motion sickness and reading can also benefit.

Book a Vision Therapy Consultation in Rapid City

If your child lacks interest in school, don’t assume they don’t want to succeed. It could be their vision that’s holding them back. 

Book your child’s eye exam with Vision Source Specialists to help your child overcome the learning and social challenges caused by vision problems.  

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