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How Visual Problems Can Affect Your Child’s Learning

Vision TherapyMany parents and teachers assume that when a child is struggling in school, it’s because they’re not trying hard enough. 

In reality, children who find it hard to read, write and concentrate in class may have undiagnosed visual deficits that make it difficult to learn, read, socialize, and play sports. 

If your child can’t keep up with their peers or seems anxious in school or while playing sports, it could be a problem with your child’s visual system. That’s because children rely on visual skills and visual processing in and outside the classroom.   

To schedule a functional eye exam, contact Vision Source Specialists in Rapid City. If a problem is found, we may prescribe vision therapy, a program that retrains the brain to effectively interact with the eyes and improve vision functioning. 

All About The Visual System

The visual system is made up of the eyes and brain and allows us to perceive and interact with the world. The eyes capture light and send signals to the brain, which interprets these signals to create a mental image of what we’re seeing. Without the visual system, we would be overwhelmed by sensory information.

However, if there are issues with communication between the eyes and brain, it can make it very difficult to read, copy information from the classroom board, remember visual information and even catch a ball during recess. 

This can occur even if a child has 20/20 vision. 

Fortunately, vision therapy can help with addressing these issues and improving the functioning of the visual system.

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a personalized treatment program that aims to enhance visual skills by retraining the brain's ability to process visual input. It includes a variety of eye exercises and activities that are designed to improve communication between the brain and the eyes. 

These exercises are best completed under the guidance of an eye doctor with training and experience in vision therapy. 

Which Conditions Are Treated With Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy can treat: 

  • Lazy eye (amblyopia) 
  • Crossed eyes (strabismus) 
  • Convergence insufficiency
  • Depth perception problems
  • Visual perception and visual processing difficulties
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Eye teaming and tracking problems
  • Eye focusing difficulties

Make sure your child’s visual system is working at its best so that they can thrive academically and in other spheres of their life. Visit Vision Source Specialists in Rapid City and learn more about how vision therapy can help your child reach their potential. 

Our practice serves patients from Rapid City, Philip, Spearfish, and Gillette, South Dakota and surrounding communities.

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