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Reading with the “RightEyes”

Right Eyes 300×200Back to school is in full swing! Your child has the newest clothes, a brand new lunch box, sharpened pencils, and a backpack they have been eyeing all summer. While your child may appear ready to head back into the classroom, are they truly ready? One in four children has a vision problem that affects learning and vision problems could be affecting your child’s sight of the board, after-school activities, and even reading abilities. Vision Source Specialists new Performance Vision Training Center (PVTC) can help a variety of people including athletes, patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries or concussions, and even those students who are struggling with visual activities such as reading. The PVTC offers different assessments and training to improve and enhance various vision skills a student needs when attending school, doing day-to-day activities, and even reading.


You may believe your child has 20/20 eyesight, but vision issues could still be plaguing their learning. Did you know that actually, 50% of vision disorders go undiagnosed? You may be questioning how this can occur. The answer is simple: vision disorders often share the same symptoms are many learning disabilities. Some of the symptoms can include poor handwriting, low comprehension, disinterest, letter reversals, short attention span, and more. These symptoms can be detrimental to your child, their development, and their educational journey. Luckily, with Vision Source Specialists Performance Vision Training Center, there is an answer to identifying vision disorders and working with your child to improve their vision skills.


If your child is struggling in the classroom, RightEye is the latest technology in vision that can assist them. RightEye is an eye-tracking system that shows how a child can see and, if needed, can recommend personalized EyeQ Trainer Exercises that can be done at home. This technology measures and records eye movements delivers easy to read results in the form of a Reading EyeQ report. RightEye can measure nearly 20 vision skills in a matter of seconds. Some of these skills include but are not limited to vergence, ocular motility, reading comprehension, reading regressions, head tilt, eye movement skills, and more. These reports can be used by patients, families, doctors, and even teachers to understand the vision problem and take the next steps to improve vision skills and care.

Before your student goes back to school, remember to take time to ensure your child’s success in and outside of the classroom with a comprehensive eye exam and the use of the RightEye technology at Vision Source Specialists Performance Vision Training Center. Taking time to make sure these tasks are completed will set up your child to do well whether they are reading the board, completing homework, or taking a test. RightEye technology is the latest in vision training therapy and can enhance your child’s vision skills for life.