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80f5caff 3ba2 4443 80b9 1712239be4b3We aren’t the only ones who feel the need to protect our eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun. In ancient prehistoric times, Inuit people who were around the very bright and harmful rays of the sun created “sunglasses” from walrus tusks so they could see better. But it was not until the 1930s when sunglasses came into popularity with the emphasis of sun protection and many eye doctors started realizing that sunglasses could protect our precious eyes. As we know, not protecting our eyes from those harsh UV rays can cause a series of problems leading to cataracts, blindness, cancer, and macular degeneration. But just what should we keep in mind when picking out sunglasses? Follow our simple guide for picking out sunglasses to not only have the perfect style, but protect your eyes.

UV Protection

Before you buy any sunglasses, you should always look for a label that says your lenses block 99-100 percent of UV rays. For those that are buying prescription sunglasses, your lenses should come with this feature. Having UV protection ensures that your eyes are protected from both UVA and UVB rays which both can be detrimental to your eyes. If the sunglasses say something like “absorbs sunlight” this is not enough to protect your eyes.

Frame Fit

When picking out sunglasses, keep in mind that the reason you are wearing them: protection from UV rays. This means, sometimes bigger is better. No we are not saying that you need to have huge “bug-eye” sunglasses, but do keep in mind that having coverage from your sunglasses is key. Not only do you want front coverage but sunglass- frames that have a wrap or wide temples (sides) also will help protect your eyes and the skin surrounding your eyes.


Another key to protecting your eyes, is to look for sunglasses that are polarized. You can get polarized sunglasses in both prescription and non-prescription. What does polarized sunglasses do? They cut the glare from horizontal surfaces, especially when driving on when on the water. Polarization allows for better sight that is more crisp and clear.

Lens Color

There are many different colored shades that are used for sunglasses that you can pick to have optimal protection. It is all about personal preference, what you will be using the sunglasses for, and what you are wanting. Are you looking for glasses that are perfect when you go shooting? Opt for a yellow or range color. Wanting to see all the beauty of the beach while you are on vacation? A brown lens will lighten and brighten your experience. Pick a dark gray lens if you enjoy having full coverage.

For more information on picking out sunglasses that properly protect your eyes from UV rays contact Vision Source Specialists. We offer unique and stylish frames to fit your needs whether you are reading your favorite book beach-side, going fishing, cruising through the Black Hills on your motorcycle, or looking to score par while golfing. We have a variety of lens options and offer the best in UV protection and polarization. Stop by today to find your perfect pair of sunglasses.