Selecting your lenses and frames is a very personal choice. A wide variety of options are available that can be tailored to suit not only your medical needs but also your style preferences.

Highlight your features, play with color, and augment vision for different functions such as reading, fishing, computer work, driving, playing sports, and more. With all the choices available, the experience can be daunting without the right guidance from your eye care professionals at Vision Source Specialists. Vision Source Specialists, your choice in Black Hills eye care, makes the choice easy with the guidance of our educated staff and eye doctors for lenses, frame selection, and options in sunglasses.


Design, material, and treatments are the three components that make up a pair of prescription glasses. It is important to select the right combination of these elements for your particular visual needs. Vision Source Specialists offer our experienced doctors and staff, who can help you make the best choice when it comes to picking your glasses.

Our skilled opticians and image consultant, Kathy Sazama, can help you when choosing a frame. They can assist you in finding the best shapes, sizes, and colors, that can not only enhance the color of your eyes, complement your skin tone, play up the best features of your face shape; but also meet your personal style and fit into your lifestyle.

The knowledgeable staff at Vision Source Specialists will consider long-term wearing comfort, style, features and function when suggesting a new pair of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses become as unique as the person taking them home.

Eyeglass Lenses

Selecting the right lenses depends largely on its function and your specific prescription. From single vision lenses to lined bifocals, to progressive lenses, we are happy to help you find what best suits your needs and prescription. Vision Source Specialists also provide different materials including poly-carbonate, High Index, plastic, glass, and more to fit the needs of each of our patients. The material of the lenses can allow for certain prescriptions to appear smaller or even be lighter.

We also offer a variety of lenses that have various functions including being able to eliminate glare from digital screens or nighttime driving, lenses that can transition to a darker tint with direct UV light, and even lenses that can transition to polarized lenses. The options are limitless and can fit many different needs. Our trained staff and Black Hills eye doctors can make recommendations for you from your prescription and lifestyle choices.


With the wide variety of lens options available, you can customize your sunglasses to meet your visual, protection, performance, and comfort needs. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is even present even on cloudy days. Quality sunwear provides 100 percent UV protection and can significantly reduce the risk of vision problems caused by sunlight such as cataracts and retinal damage.

Glare, an issue that makes it difficult to see objects clearly by washing out colors and details, can be combated by polarized lenses. Looking at a scene with polarized lenses, you’ll notice the colors are deeper, richer and bolder, and details are clearer and more distinct. Polarized lenses for your sunglasses also help reduce squinting, which, in turn, reduces eye fatigue, tension and eyestrain.

Dr. Jared Pearson O.D.

Dr. Dawn Wattenhofer O.D.