The USA will have a unique occurrence happening on August, 21, 2017: a solar eclipse. During this day the moon will cover at least part of the sun for a total of 2 to 3 hours. Some places will even experience a total eclipse which has allotted for cities to call off work and school for that particular day. During this time the day will turn into night and most likely the sun’s outer atmosphere will be able to be seen from behind the moon. While this view will be stunning it is imperative to protect your eyes while viewing the eclipse. Follow these safety tips when viewing:

1. It’s in the Technique: Before you take a look at the sun, cover your eyes with eclipse viewers. Glance and then turn away quickly. Now remove the filter, but do not look at the sun without your filters. Only if the moon has completely blocked the sun can you remove your viewers safely and view the eclipse.


2. Approved Solar Eclipse Viewers: To safely view the eclipsed sun is by using special eclipse glasses or viewers. These need to meet the international standard ISO 12312-2 for safety. If you were to use a magnifying, telescope, or even sunglasses it would be too unsafe when viewing the partially eclipsed sun.

3. Comprehensive Eye Exam: If you experience any eye or vision problems after viewing the eclipse, you should not take this lightly. Visit Vision Source Specialists for a comprehensive eye examination so we can help determine what needs to be done to help you.

Viewing the solar eclipse this year should not only be a fun and unique activity, but one you do safely to protect your eyes. For more information on protecting your vision or maintaining your sight, contact us today.

Dr. Jared Pearson O.D.

Dr. Dawn Wattenhofer O.D.