Instead of getting comfy on your couch this summer, use this as a time to get out and exercise in nature. Whether you take a simple walk with your dog, hike your favorite trail, or bike; there are many options to get exercise in your daily routine. As many of us know, exercise can help many aspects of our physical and mental health. But who knew a little exercise could go a long way in the health of your eyes? That’s right, exercise can benefit the health of your eyes.


Similar to other body parts such as our heart, our eyes are affected by what we do to take care of our bodies. From healthy eating to exercise, certain eye conditions can be prevented that are generally linked to obesity.

According to VSP:

  • Glaucoma:causes damage to the optic nerve. Simply walking 2 or 3 times a week can help lower pressure on the nerve in the eyes.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy: can lead to blindness unless a regimen of the right diet and exercise is followed.

  • Age-related Macular Degeneration(AMD): is a leading cause of vision loss in Americans 60 years of age and older. Lowering blood pressure through a good diet and exercise may help slow the progress of AMD.

Need ideas on how to get active? Start small, especially if you hardly are active. It could be as simple as parking further away from the store and having to walk your groceries a longer distance. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator or even walk to lunch instead of driving 5 minutes down the road. Then as time goes on add more ways to get active. Walking your dog, biking with your child, or even catching a yoga class can not only be fun but great ways to not even realize you are being active. Cold weather giving you the exercise blues? Pop in a fitness DVD or even play as interactive video game that gets you off the couch and shuffling to your favorite dance tunes.


So next time you are contemplating taking a walk around the neighborhood, taking a few laps in the pool, or lifting weights remember you are impacting the health for your whole body and improving the health of your eyes. For more ideas on how to prevent certain eye conditions and care for the health of your eyes, contact Vision Source Specialists today. With our comprehensive eye exams, we aim to educate you on tactics to maintain your best vision and keep your eyes healthy for years to come.

Dr. Jared Pearson O.D.

Dr. Dawn Wattenhofer O.D.