Let your 4th of July be filled with fun, family, friends, and making memories not eye injuries from fireworks. Eye safety this 4th of July should be something you keep in mind because according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “the number of eye injuries caused by fireworks has more than doubled in recent years”. The numbers are growing so rapidly, that many hospitals are now keeping special staff on call during the 4th of July holiday to be able to medically treat these cases.

What is the best way to avoid eye injury this 4th of July? Stay away from fireworks that need to be “set off” by you, the consumer. Instead of letting off fireworks, take the family to a professional firework show. Not only will you prevent eye injuries that can occur at home, but you can save money on fireworks and experience top fireworks for the holiday.


If you are unsure if you want to skip out on setting off your own fireworks, there are a few things to keep in mind about eye safety this 4th of July.

  • Always view fireworks from a safe distance of at least 500 feet away. Even if you are not lighting the fireworks, you still could be injured. According to one international study, “nearly half of people injured by fireworks are bystanders.”

  • For those who are lighting fireworks, you should always wear protective eyewear. Also, at no point should you ever hold fireworks while lighting or while they are exploding.

  • If a firework does not explode, leave it on the ground. Often time’s people will believe a firework is a dud and pick it up. This could lead to a delayed explosion and one that could cause eye injuries.

  • Never let young children play with fireworks of any type, even sparklers. Children are frequently harmed from fireworks with 35% of those sustaining a firework injury is under the age of 15.

  • If you do experience a fireworks eye injury, you should immediately seek medical attention. You should also not rub, rinse, or apply pressure to your eyes. In addition, do not remove any foreign objects from the eye, take pain medicine, apply eye drops, or ointments.

Keep the 4th of July a celebration of patriotism and one where you are creating meaningful memories with family and friends. Follow these eye safety tips to avoid injury from fireworks this 4th of July. For more information about eye injuries or preventing vision problems, contact Vision Source Specialists today.

Dr. Jared Pearson O.D.

Dr. Dawn Wattenhofer O.D.

Dr. Jared Pearson O.D.

Dr. Dawn Wattenhofer O.D.